COVID-19 Update

As always, our office is continuing to practice Standard Universal Precautions to protect our patients and our staff from any and all infectious diseases.  These include but are not limited to wearing masks, gloves, glasses and lab coats.  We also continue to thoroughly wash our hands between patients and disinfect all surfaces in our dental operatories.

Most of our scheduled patients currently have carious bacterial infections (cavities) and/or periodontal infections that need to be treated to prevent future pain and loss of teeth.  We recommend that you have these necessary procedures treated as scheduled. And of course, if you have a dental emergency, we are available to help you! 

These are our current COVID19 procedures

  1. All staff will be evaluated daily 
  2. Please stay home if you have any of the following symptoms
    1. Dry cough
    2. Fever over 100.4 degrees
    3. Feeling ill
    4. Shortness of breath

3. Public areas, including door handles, chairs, and bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

4. Please feel free to contact our office at 717-532-4513 if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank You,

Gary S Davis, DDS

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