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Davis Family Dentistry

Gary S. Davis, D.D.S.

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Our Front Desk

Our front desk is responisble for scheduling, confirming and coordinated with patients for appointments. They also handle all payment and payment plans. They coordinate with insurances to get patients the most out of their benefits. We do not participate with any insurances, but we will send a claim into your insurance to possibly get reimburstment, but payment is required at time of appointment. 



Has worked for Dr. Davis since 2009. She is a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh and has run a department of the MOM-n-Pa dental mission since its inaugural mission in Philadelpia in 2013. 


Started at Dr. Davis' office in Feburary of 2019. She is a Penn Co. Tech. Graduate with 15 years front dest experience. She is looking forward to meeting you! Jennifer is very knowledgable of dental insurance and more than happy to answer your questions!


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